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Larry Hartfield, founder of the Hartfield Insurance Group, offers a simple credo. “As a Martial Arts Instructor for over 30 years, it is my honor helping people learn to avoid conflict or at least minimize its consequences. An Insurance Agency is a natural extension of that.  We help individuals and businesses with their ‘Financial Self-Defense’.  If one can’t avoid a problem, they can at least mitigate its damage”.

Business Insurance

Our customized commercial insurance plans are specifically designed for the unique needs of Gainesville's diverse business community, ensuring your enterprise is safe and guarded against life's unforeseen challenges.

Life Insurance

Plan your future with confidence and peace of mind. Our life insurance policies in Gainesville, FL are crafted to provide you and your loved ones with the security and assurance needed for life's unpredictable journey.

Personal Insurance

Our range of personal insurance options offers comprehensive protection for every aspect of your life, from home to auto, ensuring you and your family are covered through all of life's unpredictable twists and turns.

Specialized Business Insurance for Veterinarians

 As a proud authorized representative of the AVMA, we offer specialized insurance solutions that cater specifically to the unique needs of veterinarians in Gainesville as well as all over Florida. Partner with us to secure comprehensive coverage that ensures your practice thrives and your dedication to animal care is protected.

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At Hartfield Insurance Group, we’re dedicated to providing tailored insurance solutions for the diverse needs of our clients in Gainesville, FL. Whether you’re seeking protection for your business, family, health, or assets, our team is here to guide you through the complexities of insurance and find the perfect policy for you. Our commitment to expertise, empathy, and personalized service ensures that your insurance choices align with your unique requirements and goals.