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The Hartfield Insurance Group is based in Gainesville, FL, and our goal is to help you understand your insurance needs, find your options, and choose the best policy for you. Life insurance needs vary based on your age, your lifestyle, your goals, and those that depend on you; our agency can help you find the perfect policy choice for your unique situation.

We’ve worked with the Gainesville community for many years, and we want to put our experience, our time, and our compassion to work for you. We can provide quotes from several different life insurance companies, as well as different coverage quotes, to help you understand your choices.

Life Insurance and You

There are two primary classifications of life insurance you can purchase, these are term life policies and whole life policies.

Term life insurance coverage is usually active for a particular period during the policyholder’s life; this means benefits often payout only during the policy’s active period. Whole life policies, on the other hand, remain active during the policyholder’s entire life; the length of time does not matter.

Our agency can discuss the different life policy options with you, since one policy does not fit all. There are many different policy choices, including:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance

Let us discuss your life insurance needs so you can have peace of mind and financial security for the unexpected.

The Necessity of Life Insurance

The Hartfield Insurance Group wants to help you plan for the unexpected since life is full of the unexpected. Life insurance coverage is not just insurance coverage; it’s an investment that helps protect your family and your future.

Life insurance quotes often contain confusing jargon, different policy conditions, and so much information it can be hard to understand what it provides. Your policy can provide financial stability to help with debts, taxes, mortgage payments, and even funeral expenses after you pass on. Our agency can help you choose the perfect policy to ensure your policy indeed provides these options.

Your life changes every year, and this can cause your insurance needs to fluctuate. Major life events can cause you to need additional life insurance coverage that you had not planned on previously. If any of these life events apply to you, it may be time to reevaluate your coverage:

  • Buying a home
  • Having a child
  • Getting married
  • Continuing your education
  • Starting a new business
  • Getting divorced
  • Retirement planning

Contact us to get a quote on life insurance that can help you plan for the unexpected. Having life insurance offers peace of mind to you and your beneficiaries or dependents, ensuring your projects and ambitions for their future can continue.

Working With Our Agency

It’s important to have confidence in the insurance policy you’re purchasing, and we can help you by researching your options and providing you with coverage quotes that show you the available choices. We’ll go through an in-depth life insurance assessment, which allows us to thoroughly analyze what coverage you may need, your risk factors, and what your dependents may need.

Our agency wants to help the Gainesville community, as well as anyone in Florida, find the best insurance products for their needs. The Hartfield Insurance Group offers options in personal auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and more. We can go through an in-depth assessment of your needs in any of these areas.

Remember, there may be discounts available to you as well, depending on your eligibility. Visit our website or contact us to set up a time to discuss your specific needs.

Do you have questions or would like to talk to someone about life insurance?  Contact us!

Honor, integrity and trust. Those are the three words I'd use to describe Larry H. When it came time to take out a life insurance policy, it was a very easy decision to go with Hartfield. Larry hooked me up with a policy that fit my needs, and he didn't try and oversell me on stuff I didn't necessarily need. Thanks again Larry!”

- Adam Stout