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Committed to providing you guidance when purchasing property insurance, the Hartfield Insurance Group will help you choose the perfect home insurance policy for you. Based in Gainesville, our agency can help you choose the right coverage to meet your needs in any part of Florida.
The Hartfield Insurance Group works with you to provide home insurance estimates, rates, and ultimately the right policy for your needs. Homeowners insurance can seem complicated and daunting when you research alone, and that’s why we want to understand what drives you and what’s important to you.
Many top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida can offer you quotes for coverage that may meet your needs, but navigating the terminology and language of policy contracts can be stressful. Our insurance agency can help break through the jargon, help provide context to perils and allow you to leave understanding what each policy covers.

Coverage for Homeowners and Property Owners in Florida

Companies that provide homeowners insurance coverage in Florida offer different types of coverage, but often include:

  • Physical damage coverage for your home’s structure
  • Liability or legal responsibility costs
  • Additional living expenses for covered losses or disasters
  • Personal property and replacement costs
  • Damage or injury caused by pets

These coverage options extend to other related policy choices, such as renter’s insurance and mobile home insurance. Although some conditions may be different in each policy, many of the coverage choices and policy conditions are similar.

Renter’s insurance often removes protection for the physical structure of the property. Renters normally do not own the physical property, so the insurance protection covers personal property and liability without protecting the structure.

Mobile home insurance may have unique conditions when the mobile home is in transit, as these homes can face different perils compared to other homes. Additionally, mobile home insurance may name specific hazards that are covered or excluded from the policy.

Increased Security and Peace of Mind

If you need more protection from the unknown, we offer some of the best home insurance products available on the market. Your property insurance needs may be more extensive than another homeowner, and that’s okay! Speak to our insurance experts to understand some additional options to fit your needs, such as:

  • Florida umbrella insurance
  • Valuable items insurance
  • Florida FAIR plans
  • Florida flood insurance
  • Florida earthquake insurance
  • Additional animal liability

Remember that residents in Florida can be exposed to catastrophic weather conditions, such as hurricanes or floods. Let one of our experts work with you to understand your risk profile and what coverage can help you recover if a loss occurs.

Additionally, high-value items, such as jewelry or valuable collectibles, may not be fully covered under traditional insurance policies; consider specifying the individual pieces or objects that need additional coverage. Many Florida homeowners insurance companies offer coverage through floater policies, and we can help you create a home inventory to evaluate your needs.

You can experience a loss at your home at any time; this can occur without warning and without time to mitigate, or reduce, your losses. Our agency can help you prepare preemptively by going through different home insurance quotes with you, walking you through each coverage option, and discussing the potential scenarios with you.

We want you to walk out of our office feeling confident that any loss you experience, you are prepared to handle. Home insurance rates can fluctuate, so feel free to contact us if you already have home insurance. We would love to provide additional estimates and rates so you can determine if your current policy adequately meets your needs.

Do you have questions or would like to talk to someone about home insurance?  Contact us!

Honor, integrity and trust. Those are the three words I'd use to describe Larry H. When it came time to take out a life insurance policy, it was a very easy decision to go with Hartfield. Larry hooked me up with a policy that fit my needs, and he didn't try and oversell me on stuff I didn't necessarily need. Thanks again Larry!”

- Adam Stout