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As a member of the Gainesville community, our agency wants to help you assess your risks and your needs to choose the right health insurance for you. At the Hartfield Insurance Group, we work with reputable health insurance brokers to provide the Gainesville area with affordable health insurance; we can provide you with multiple quotes to find the perfect policy.

We’ve spent many years working with the residents of Gainesville, providing local insurance services that use our experience and our compassion to determine what our clients need. Our agency can provide you with information on different types of health insurance, such as:

  • Individual Health
  • Disability Coverage
  • Critical Illness
  • Long Term Care

Let us spend some time discussing your lifestyle, your risk factors, and the needs of your household; we can do an in-depth assessment and provide you with multiple choices.

Health Insurance Products For Your Needs

The Hartfield Insurance Group works with many reputable insurance companies to bring you coverage options that meet your needs; what works for one person may not work for another. These are just some of the fine healthcare products we can offer.

Individual Health

Living without insurance is almost impossible anymore, especially as medical bills and health care expenses continue to increase annually. Individual health policies are designed for an individual or family unit to purchase, providing affordable coverage and quality care that’s independent of any employer or group benefits. These policies often cover basic services, such as doctor visits, medical tests, prescription medication, and other services.

Disability Insurance

Being injured or disabled for an extended period can lead to lost income and financial concerns. Disability insurance provides a replacement for a portion of your lost income due to the disability. These policies allow you to continue paying your daily expenses while keeping your savings and retirement funds for the future. Disability insurance typically requires you to be employed for policy coverage to apply.

Critical Illness

Unexpected, critical illnesses can occur at any time. With the advancement of medicine, we can often treat life-threatening conditions; these often come with a high cost. Critical illness policies can help you settle the costs of these illnesses as long as it’s a covered illness. Unlike disability insurance, critical illness policies do not normally require you to be employed or working for coverage to apply.

Long Term Care

If you find yourself unable to manage daily life alone, long-term care insurance can help you manage this change. These policies take effect when you’re unable to care for yourself for an extended length of time, and they often help cover costs from a nursing home, assisted living facility, in-home care, or other assistance services.

The Need for Health Insurance

Our agency recognizes that purchasing the right health insurance policy can be difficult, especially with the different companies providing coverage and the associated costs.

Medical expenses continue to increase each year, meaning standard health care, physician services, and prescription costs continue to rise for Florida residents. Trying to afford these costs alone can be too much for many individuals or families, but we want to help you review your options so you can make the right choice for your situation.

If your employer does not offer group benefits, group disability, group long-term care, or other group health coverage, then let our agency explore your personal health insurance options with you.

Meeting With Our Representatives

Confidence and experience are important factors when choosing an insurance agent to work with, but we bring one more important factor when we meet with you: compassion. Having worked with residents of the Gainesville community, we understand that health insurance can be difficult to understand. We want to help you break through the confusing terminology, policy conditions, and legal jargon, so you know what each policy covers.

Although we are based in Gainesville, our agency can work with anyone in Florida looking to find affordable health insurance through reputable companies. Call us, contact us online, or come into our office for a health insurance quote; we are more than happy to help you address your healthcare needs.

Remember that health insurance is just one type of insurance that can protect you from the unexpected. The Hartfield Insurance Group offers other insurance products like auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance; we can quote multiple products for you to help you find all the insurance coverage you need.

Do you have questions or would like to talk to someone about health insurance?  Contact us!

Honor, integrity and trust. Those are the three words I'd use to describe Larry H. When it came time to take out a life insurance policy, it was a very easy decision to go with Hartfield. Larry hooked me up with a policy that fit my needs, and he didn't try and oversell me on stuff I didn't necessarily need. Thanks again Larry!”

- Adam Stout