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Personal auto insurance comes in different types, at different price points, and from various insurance providers; these various choices can make purchasing auto insurance confusing and daunting. At the Hartfield Insurance Group, our goal is to help you understand your coverage needs, break down your options, and make the purchase process straightforward.

Auto Insurance and You

Personal auto insurance is an agreement with your insurance provider to help you recover after a loss occurs. In exchange for paying your insurance premium, your insurance provider will settle losses that are covered by your policy. It’s important to understand that losses, for example, can be car accidents, weather-related damage, theft, or vandalism; losses do not have to be a collision.

There are three main coverage needs addressed through auto insurance; these coverage areas are liability coverage, medical coverage, and property coverage.

  • Liability coverage is car insurance coverage that covers any injury or property damage you cause.
  • Medical coverage provides payment for injury treatment, lost wages, and even funeral expenses.
  • Property coverage normally applies under full coverage car insurance, and it covers losses to your vehicle.

Within your auto insurance policy, there will be a combination of different coverage conditions; there’s mandatory coverage conditions and optional coverage conditions. Liability coverage is often mandatory while property coverage is often optional.

Our Gainesville-based agency understands that you may not be familiar with all the options available. We are here to help you gain a better understanding of what your insurance policy needs to contain, so you can leave our office with the coverage you need.

Why Auto Insurance is Necessary

When you get a quote for auto insurance and purchase your policy, you’re taking steps to protect yourself from unexpected losses; these losses often contain a financial component.

  • When you’re involved in an accident, your vehicle is vandalized, or it’s stolen, it can be expensive to repair or replace your vehicle.
  • When anyone in your vehicle is injured due to an accident, the medical expenses often accumulate quickly.
  • If you’ve damaged someone’s property or caused them harm with your vehicle, you could face costs that are much higher than you can afford.

Planning for the unexpected is crucial for most individuals, and personal auto insurance helps you have peace of mind.

Additionally, Florida requires any vehicle that is registered and licensed in Florida to carry auto insurance; this is called the compulsory auto insurance requirement. Carrying this coverage helps you focus a little less on the financial aspects of an accident, reducing your stress, and worry more about recovering from the loss quickly and easily.

Speaking With an Agent

The Hartfield Insurance Group wants to help you get a quote for auto insurance that addresses the risks you face and meets your needs, all without breaking the bank. We understand that auto insurance is confusing with the different terms, coverage options, and conditions in each policy, but we can help you break through the jargon to understand what’s covered and what’s not covered.

When you meet with our insurance professionals, we’ll discuss different aspects of personal auto insurance to determine the right insurance provider and policy.

If there’s a particular insurance provider you’re interested in, we can look at their customer service, their policy options, and their financial stability. We can also look at how the claim process works, from filing the claim to the claim resolution.

We’ll also look at what you can afford to pay for insurance premiums, any applicable discounts, and what you can afford for a deductible; the deductible is an amount you are responsible for after any covered loss. You may qualify for different discounts through various providers, so we can look at the options and find a policy at the right price with the best discounts for you.

If you already have auto insurance, feel free to contact us to review your options. Reviewing your coverage every six months lets you compare your current policy to available options, and we can provide quotes for auto insurance to help you determine if your current policy still meets your needs.

Do you have questions or would like to talk to someone about auto insurance?  Contact us!

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