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At the Hartfield Insurance Group, we want to help your business plan for the unexpected by choosing the best commercial property insurance coverage for your needs. Our agency has worked with the Gainesville community to help our clients get the insurance coverage they require, and we can assist you with your commercial property insurance requirements. Our agency can provide you with property insurance quotes, help you define what commercial insurance policies you require and work with you to find the best rates from reputable insurance companies. We understand that commercial property insurance coverage can be difficult to comprehend, especially with the insurance terminology and policy language contained, but we can help you understand what the contract means and what it covers. We know that your commercial property insurance needs may vary from another commercial operation, so spend some time with our experienced staff, and we can help you choose the perfect policy.

Commercial Insurance and Your Business

Protecting your business interests is essential for your operations to be successful, and your commercial insurance needs may be different compared to another business. Our agency can help you find and purchase protection that covers:

  • Your physical building or premises
  • Any interior furnishings (e.g. office chairs, desks, lighting)
  • The outdoor signage for your business
  • Equipment stored on-location
  • Your physical inventory

These are just some of the areas of your business we can help you find protection for, and we want to provide you competitive and comparable quotes so you can choose the best policy. Commercial property insurance is a necessity for almost any business since even a small financial loss can be devastating for independent or smaller sized operations. We can also help you find coverage for other aspects of your business, depending on your operation. If you operate electrical machinery, electronic equipment, or pressurized equipment on premises, you may need to purchase Equipment Breakdown coverage. Additionally, Builder’s Risk insurance may be necessary if you are engaged in construction on-premises or if you are remodeling your location. Spend some time with our experienced insurance agents and let us assess your unique insurance needs. We want you to know, after working with us, that you are prepared for the unexpected and protected for abnormal financial loss.

Additional Coverage for Unique Business Needs

Having been part of the Gainesville community for many years, we understand the unique risks that our clients may face. At the Hartfield Insurance Group, we want to help every client plan for those risks, whether they’re in Gainesville or part of the wider Florida area. Commercial operations can face larger losses from the unexpected since interrupted operations or damaged inventory can lead to long-term financial consequences. Let our agency discuss additional commercial property insurance options with you. Some available options include:

  • Flood Insurance
  • Commercial Personal Property Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Electronic Data Processing Insurance

Each of these options can provide you with some additional protection from unexpected loss events that may otherwise damage your financial stability and security. Many of the previously mentioned insurance policies are in addition to a standard commercial property insurance policy; this means they may be excluded losses on your standard coverage.

Working With Our Insurance Agency in Gainesville

If you already have a policy and just want to compare coverage with other companies, we can help you with that. If you’re searching for a new policy and need insurance quotes and rates, our representatives can work with you. We offer products in the personal insurance line, such as auto, home, and life, as well as the commercial insurance line. We are based in the Gainesville community, but we can help many Florida clients with their insurance needs. Contact our office or stop in to get the insurance guidance you deserve.

Do you have questions or would like to talk to someone about commercial property insurance?  Contact us!

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