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Planning for the unexpected is critical to the success of your business, and the Hartfield Insurance Group wants to help you achieve that success. We’ve been working with Gainesville residents for years providing trusted guidance and expertise when it comes to business liability insurance. We know that your small business may have unique risk exposures, so work with us to find the perfect coverage for your small business needs. Liability insurance protects you from the financial repercussions of losses you may be responsible for, so having the right small business insurance can be the difference between failure and success. Our agents work with reputable insurance companies that service the Gainesville, Florida area, and we can provide you multiple quotes for your comparison shopping. Our experienced professionals recognize that your business operations may differ from other businesses in the area, but we won’t rest until you’re happy with the policy you’ve chosen. We recognize the importance of insurance, but what’s more important is our client’s happiness and success.

Business Liability Insurance

The expense associated with a lawsuit or unexpected loss can be devastating to your business, but small business liability insurance can help your business recover quickly. Sometimes called commercial general liability insurance, this coverage is the most common business liability policy you may purchase. General liability insurance for small businesses protects you from claims that arise due to injuries, negligence, or accidents you could be deemed legally responsible for. This insurance coverage can protect your business from multiple expenses that arise, including:

  • Bodily injury or medical expenses
  • Property damage expenses
  • Legal fees and associated costs
  • Legal judgments
  • Personal injury judgments

Although a small business insurance policy may protect from several common causes of loss, you can purchase more specific policies to protect from other causes of loss. Some additional liability insurance options you can purchase include:

  • Cyber liability insurance – coverage for data breaches or cybrecrime-related losses
  • Employment practices liability insurance – coverage for employment-related losses claimed by employees
  • Liquor liability insurance – coverage for damage or injury caused by intoxicated customers
  • Product liability insurance – protection for claims that your product caused injury or damage
  • Pollution liability insurance – coverage for pollution cleanup costs and claims for pollution-related injuries
  • Event liability insurance – coverage for special events and exposures that are not covered by a standard liability policy

Your small business may face risks that are not covered under standard small business insurance, so talk with our agents about your business operations so we can determine the best policy for your situation.

Professional Liability Insurance

While your small business liability insurance protects you against property damage and bodily injury losses your business can be held liable for, professional liability insurance is somewhat different. This policy works by covering you for errors or omissions that may happen when you provide your services; this means you’re being protected against mistakes or claims of negligence that may arise. Professional liability insurance works by providing coverage for legal defense costs and any summary judgment up to the policy’s limits; since lawsuits can be devastating for a small business, this coverage can keep your operation running even after a legal claim. This coverage comes in different forms, but the most common contacts available are:

  • Malpractice insurance – protection for medical professionals that covers alleged mistakes or negligent actions
  • Errors and omissions insurance – coverage for professionals providing knowledge and advice, this protects against claims of financial loss due to these services rendered
  • Directors and officers insurance – unique coverage for the higher ranking members of the business, it covers unlawful acts, breach of confidential information, negligence, conflicts of interest, poor investments, and wrongful termination claims<?li>

You can often purchase one of these policies in two different forms: claims-made coverage and occurrence coverage. Claims-made coverage means the policy must be in effect when a claim is filed. Occurrence coverage provides protection for losses that occurred during the policy’s effective period, even if the claim is made after the policy ends.

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If you need general liability insurance or professional liability insurance, speak with our experienced insurance agents. We’ve been helping Gainesville businesses plan for their risks for several years, and we can help you as well. Additionally, we offer insurance products in the personal insurance area and the business insurance area. If you need coverage for your vehicle, your home, your business truck, or more, we can go through the potential choices and work with you to choose the perfect coverage package.

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