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When you’re using your automobile for business reasons, a personal auto policy may not protect you from the unexpected. The Hartfield Insurance Group wants you to know we understand that commercial vehicles often face risks that are different than personal use vehicles. We’ve been helping commercial operations in the Gainesville area protect their vehicles from the unexpected for years, and our goal is to partner with you to do the same. Our compassionate representatives want to help you find car insurance quotes for commercial trucks, commercial vans, or other commercial vehicles; we work with several commercial auto insurance companies to bring you the best quotes and premium rates. Additionally, our licensed and experienced agents can walk you through what your policy will cover, what won’t be covered, and how you can reduce the risk to your business operation. We understand that commercial auto insurance needs vary from business to business, but we’ve been working with Gainesville clients long enough to help you plan for the unexpected. Contact us or come into our office to get help choosing the perfect commercial auto policy for your needs.

Auto Insurance for Commercial Operations

Choosing to purchase commercial vehicle insurance may not come to mind initially, but if you are using company vehicles to transport goods or services, a personal auto policy may not cover any loss. There are many reasons you may need commercial vehicle insurance, including:

  • If you operate commercial trucks for freight transport
  • If you’re an independent business person driving for your business
  • If you operate a transportation service, such as a taxi or limo service
  • If you’re delivering goods or services for your business
  • If anyone on payroll is using a vehicle for business reasons
  • If you could face legal fees or liability costs for the operation of a vehicle

These are just some examples of why you may need to get a commercial auto policy, and we want to assist you in getting a car insurance quote to meet your needs. There are many risks that exist when you use a vehicle for business reasons; these risks exist whether the vehicle being used is personally owned or owned by the commercial operation. While there are instances where purchasing commercial auto insurance seems obvious, there are times where it may not cross your mind. When you are a small or independent business owner, you may think the expense of this policy outweighs the possible protection. However, commercial liability is often much higher than an individual’s liability, and your personal auto policy may not have high enough coverage limits. If you’re not sure that you need commercial vehicle insurance, speak with our agency and let us perform an in-depth analysis of your risks and insurance needs. We can help you get the right coverage to protect you and your business.

Commercial Auto Policy Coverage

Commercial auto insurance coverage protects you from many of the same risks that personal auto insurance does, but the coverage in a commercial policy may have higher limits or may include coverage for employees operating a vehicle. Additionally, if you have employees using their own vehicles for work-related purposes, you may need coverage for those individuals while they use their personal vehicle. Typically, a commercial auto insurance policy will include coverage options for:

  • Bodily injury liability for damage caused to another person
  • Property damage liability for damages caused to someone’s proprety
  • Legal fees that arise from losses caused by the vehicle’s operator
  • Medical payment coverage for expenses to treat an employee or any passenger
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for losses caused by another party that does not have coverage or adequate coverage limits
  • Collision coverage for damage caused by an impact with an object or vehicle
  • Comprehensive coverage for losses caused by weather, vandalism, theft, or other non-collision incidents

Connect with one of Our Insurance Agents in Gainesville

With the variety of coverage choices available, it’s crucial that you sit down and truly understand the risks your operation faces each day. Our agency can help you analyze and assess your insurance needs so that you can focus on the bigger picture knowing you have coverage for the unexpected. Even if you’re not a member of the Gainesville community, our agency’s goal is to assist and guide you. We can help anyone in the Florida area that’s looking for coverage, and our years of working with commercial auto insurance companies mean we ask the right questions the first time. We want you to be delighted knowing that you’ve chosen the best policy for your business.

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